Tuesday, 25 June 2013

ApolloeCigs.co.uk Review - Honest and Unbiased

I recently got a Starter Kit on special offer for £2.95, Link to offer at Apollo eCigs. Easily the best value I've seen such a kit.
It includes the usual:

1 USB Charger
1 Battery
2 Cartridges

I quite liked the Blue LED, but everything else was a disappointment. I'd ordered Menthol but was invoiced for Tobacco and that's what got delivered, not a big deal I usually like Tobacco Flavoured eCigs. This one however tastes disgusting, I assume this is because it's trying to simulate the taste of North American cigarettes. Anyone who's hopped across the pond will know the US & Canada have very different tasting smokes compared to Europe, even when comparing the same brand.

Further more the battery I received has an annoying habit of not staying on unless you suck really hard, which in fairness is necessary as the nicotine hit is weak. I can see these eCigs suiting some people but I was left unimpressed. Had these been my introduction to electronic cigarettes I may have given up on the whole idea and stuck with Tobacco. As a final nail in the coffin the price of refills is £9.95 for 5.

On this admittedly limited experience I'd rate this 5 out of 10 for try once. £2.95 is a bargain.

Battery and Cartridges are not interchangeable with any other brand I know of.

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