Wednesday, 26 June 2013 Review - Honest and Unbiased

I've been using the Starter Kit and refill cartridges from Electric Zebra for quite a while now and feel I can offer a full review.

Starter Kit includes the usual:
1 USB Charger

1 Battery
2 Cartridges

I like the Zebra print battery, the black cartridges and green LED light, in fact my review is mostly positive. The only possible negative I'll mention is orders are not delivered as quick as some other vendors. So I'd suggest ordering a week in advance just to be absolutely sure you don't find yourself in the shops buying some analogues (nickname for cigarettes) .

It's not the cheapest starter kit I've found but at £12.95 plus cashback it's still one of the best priced and their cartridges are the cheapest I can find.

14 cartridges for £10 plus cashback of 12.62% using TopCashBack*. Tested, I effectively paid £8.74.

Starter Kit £12.95 plus 12.62% cashback, I effectively paid £11.32.

I'm going to rate this 9 out of 10 for being of outstanding value and quality.

Battery and Cartridges are not interchangeable with any other brand I know of.

*The honesty bit. Posts are written without any financial incentive, when possible affiliate links will be used to help fund this blog. Any link that potentially earns this site money will always be mentioned below.

TopCashBack is the only link that may earn this post money.


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