Thursday, 13 June 2013

How to start Vaping - Are eCigs cheaper than Rolling Tobacco in the UK

The big selling point of electronic cigarettes is they're cheaper than analogues. Tesco are currently selling a pack of Marlboro for £7.95, vaping can easily beat that but what about Rolling Tobacco. Personally 50g of Amber Leaf will last me a fortnight, Tesco charge £15.26 so lets take that as our benchmark.

I started Vaping in January 2013 Google gave me a lot of companies selling eCigs and discussion forums but this is an excessive amount of info that didn't address the question of value. So I did a search on HotUKDeals, despite some Anti-Smoking rhetoric two offers stood out, Smoke Relief and Electric Zebra. The only cheaper starter kit I could find was from Dealextreme but faced with a long delivery time and mixed reviews I decided on a UK based company.

Smoke Relief was and still is the cheapest starter kit I can find from a UK website. Only £9.95 and I was able to exclusively use it for my nicotine fix a total of 3 weeks. Clearly eCigs are cheaper, no need to factor in cigarette paper, filters, lighters or illegally imported blackmarket tobacco; vaping is miles ahead.

Unfortunately Smoke Relief currently only offer free shipping on orders over £10, so add the Silicone Cigarette Holder at 10p, still a good deal. COUPON CODE: FREESHIP10. I've also recently started using TopCashBack* to earn 17.17% cashback, I haven't checked other cashback sites, TCB is usually the best and I can't be bothered with multiple accounts, leave a comment if you know of a better deal.

*The honesty bit. Posts are written without any financial incentive, when possible affiliate links will be used to help fund this blog. Any link that potentially earns this site money will always be mentioned below.

TopCashBack is the only link that may earn this post money.

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