Friday, 26 July 2013

Poll Results: What is your favourite eCig flavour?

My first Poll attracted a massive 10 votes. Despite reaching the heady highs of double digits I'm a little concerned about the margin of error. According to this BBC article Electronic cigarettes - miracle or menace? the number of people using e-cigarettes in the UK is expected to reach a million this year. So lets shove all these numbers into a simple equation E=Sqrt[(N - n)x/n(N-1)] and we get a margin of error of 30.99%. Good nothing wrong with that.

  1 (10%)
  3 (30%)
  1 (10%)
  3 (30%)
  0 (0%)
  1 (10%)
  1 (10%)

So we can absolutely safely say Menthol or Vanilla are the most popular flavours of eCigs, or may be Tobacco, or Peach and I suppose Cherry. Who said statistics lie! Anyway for my next rock solid and informative Poll I think I'll set it to run longer, after all if we can get 20 votes we may be able to start throwing the word "fact" around.

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