How this Blog is Funded

If you've been searching for eCig reviews for a while you're probably wondering why this website suggests vendors who are more than half the price of other sites and blogs. Put simply I'm not greedy. Many Bloggers and so called review sites use affiliate links that give them 50%+ of your order. They're suggestions tend to be for products that are horrendously over priced to my way of thinking.

My reviews are written honestly about products I would and have bought, I also strongly suggest using cashback websites, so the affiliate programmes eCig vendors offer are usually pointless for me.

Beyond the occasional affiliated link I may be able to use when appropriate there are adverts on this blog, they are supplied by Google AdSense, I don't decide what they show. If you've seen something you liked and clicked on one I may earn some pennies, I hope you don't find them too intrusive, I expect now a days most people automatically ignore them.

I hope you see now what sets this blog apart from others.

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